New at Homewood!

New Brazelberries collection blueberries are in stock! Blueberry Glaze is an extra-dark variety (which must mean more anti-oxidants, right?) and Pink Icing has lovely pink-ish new growth over soft, blue-green older foliage. Both are dwarf and grow well in containers.
We are pleased to bring you the outstanding Espoma organic 4 Step Lawn Program with a special formulation for each season (Spring Lawn Booster, All Season Lawn Food, Summer Revitalizer, & Fall Winterizer.)
Spring Lawn Booster also suppresses weeds.Slow release nitrogen means more uniform growth with less mowing.Won't burn lawns or leach out of the soil.Two of the formulations contain Bio Tone microbes which improve the soil, and increase root mass for a more tough & durable lawn.
Cool season vegetables have arrived! Look for Superman veggies like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, and lettuce with more varieties to come. We've also got onion, garlic, potato sets, and asparagus, rhubarb, and horseradish crowns for more homegrown deliciousness. 

No one grows big, fat, AWESOME Boston Ferns like Homewood does, and now you can rent them for events! Boston Ferns add that serene green energy to parties, weddings, home showings, and more. Delivery and pick up available. Call us at (919) 847-0117 for more details!
​With SuperStrong 20% Castor Oil plus botanical oils IMustGarden's Mole & Vole Repellent provides nice repellency against mole, voles, squirrels, and more in the garden. Loaded with peppermint, it smells wonderful. too!
Stop by our Terrarium bar and get the plants and supplies you need to build your own terrarium! Just see if you can resist all those adorable little plants! Our selection includes tropicals, succulents and more plus terrarium kits and containers as well as pre-made terrariums. You'll find some of our containers and terrarium cases in the Gift & Home Department, too.
We love camellia season! There are so many exquisitely beautiful varieties in an array of colors and forms. Camellias are easy to grow and evergreen. But, would it really matter with flowers like this? See the rest of what we have for spring on our Camellias Page!

Easter Goodies in Stock!

Spring Spartina is Here!

Yummy charm bangle bracelets, new handbags, and more irresistible stuff!

Feeder Fresh is non-toxic, extremely safe, inert sand-like compound that absorbs moisture in bird seed. It is very safe in feeders and actually improves hygiene in feeders by preventing the formation of molds and caked up yucky old seed.

Birds do not eat Feeder Fresh but if they did so accidentally it would not harm them and would be similar to the sand grit birds regularly consume. Feeder Fresh keeps your bird seed fresh and more hygienic for your backyard birds!
Lots of lovely hellebores aka Lenten roses in stock including Gold Collection types such as Pink Frost and these fancy-dancy double-form Painted Doubles! Plus, Cherry Blossom, Painted, Jade Tiger, and more! What do we love about hellebores? Easy-to-grow, deer-resistant, evergreen, drought tolerant, long bloom season, and fabulous flowers!
Beautiful, classic spring bloomers (and their improved counterparts) such as dogwood, lilac, forsythia, quince, and azaleas are in stock now! 
Bigger, more-convenient, ready-to-use size of our popular Deer Repellent!
       Dr. Allan Armitage's new app, Armitage's Greatest Perennials 
 & Annuals
 is a tool we at Homewood Nursery have wanted to provide for a long time. 
 Just released for iPhone and coming soon on Android, the app covers hundreds of plants, has over 400 pictures, and over 50 videos. We strongly recommend it for all of our customers because it provides easy-to-read information on many of the plants available in our store and suggests the best variety for hundreds of plants backed up by years of personal and professional experience. A "deer browsing" rating is provided for almost every species, as well, something most gardeners around here really need!  Pretty awesome deal for $4.99!
     Just search "Armitage" in the App Store!
​Redbuds are excellent spring-blooming, flowering trees for our region. Check out the NEW 'Vanilla Twist', a weeping redbud with a fountain of white flowers, and 'Carolina Sweetheart' a VARIEGATED PURPLE-LEAF redbud (gasping, must-have-it!) proudly developed at NC State University. This would be a stunning specimen tree, gorgeous near a blue Arizona cypress.