New at Homewood!

Our Homewood-Grown Roses are scheduled to be put out by April 12th! If you can't wait that long, ask one of the staff to take you shopping in the Rose House. We grew over 80 varieties this year and no one does it like we do. These beauties go fast, though, so come and get them while you can! There are several NEW varieties including'Good As Gold' and 'The McCartney Rose' and 'Marilyn Monroe' pictured above. Interested in the full list of Homewood-Grown Roses? Click here to go to our Rose Page and get the full list as well as more pics!
Plenty of your favorite flowering shrubs have arrived and awaiting your perusal! We have a fine selection that includes loropetalum (including the NEW 'Ruby Snow' red-leafed white flowering variety), gardenias, camellias, pieris, flowering quince, viburnums, forsythia, and spireas. 
ATTENTION: Adorable stuff has arrived! We've gotten some really cute items for miniature gardens. Pair them with the little plants on our Terrarium Bar for good times and an abundance of cuteness!  
Just what you need after a busy day in the garden! Or anytime you have sore muscles or muscle cramps, or other pains! Cuddle Corn are microwavable/freezable corn bags made with breathable cotton fabrics and whole kernal corn. Heated they are wonderful for 
-Earaches   - Insommnia   - Sore muscles   - Sinus pressure   - Back pain  -Cramps
When frozen use them for:
-Sports injuries   - Migraines    - Bee Stings    - Fever    - Hot Flashes
Cuddle Corn are proudly made in NC!
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The 2014 Homewood-grown tomato varieties list is ready, and you can click the link above to view it. We're going to have 78 varieties of tomato at Homewood this spring! IMPORTANT NOTE: We won't have all of them at one time. Some we grow ourselves and some we order in, and we grow more than one crop. Your best bet if you want several varieties is to cruise the greenhouse a few times during the season or put a request for the varieties you want. Best selection is from mid-April to mid May.
Plenty more veggies and melons besides tomatoes in stock or coming any minute! Come check out our line of veggies including specialty varieties from Burpee. Right now there's cucumbers, squash, zucchini, beans, tomatoes, eggplant, okra, and peppers and more coming soon! 
Selection of herbs is expanding rapidly right now to include your favorites such as basil, thyme, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, lavenderand more! By mid April, there will be whole tables of herbal goodness to choose from.

Feeder Fresh is non-toxic, extremely safe, inert sand-like compound that absorbs moisture in bird seed. It is very safe in feeders and actually improves hygiene in feeders by preventing the formation of molds and caked up yucky old seed.

Birds do not eat Feeder Fresh but if they did so accidentally it would not harm them and would be similar to the sand grit birds regularly consume. Feeder Fresh keeps your bird seed fresh and more hygienic for your backyard birds!
Our gift buyer, Sandy (and nearly all the girls & ladies at Homewood), is just about beside herself over our new line of handbags, jewelry, and scarves from SPARTINA, and with good reason! First of all, we think we finally found a line that OUR customers will love. These are SO pretty, and elegant, and FUN, and that perfect balance of fancy enough for going out on the town, casual enough for every day. They won't break the bank, either! The handbags are made from high-quality Belgian linen and real leather, and they feel wonderful. Make sure to come by our in-store boutique and SIGN UP FOR OUR RAFFLE OF A SPARTINA HIPSTER BAG!
Everyone in the horticultural world is a-twitter about this NEW hybrid foxglove called Illumination Flame. We have to admit, it is stunning with it's magenta-lipped, mango-and-gold centered spikes of flowers and we can't wait to trial it in our gardens, too, since this is a rare offering of color for the shady perennial garden. It's is reputed to be a re-bloomer which in and of itself is pretty awesome. 
We've got camellias! A big shipment of them (including 'Dixie Knight Supreme' pictured here), budded up and starting to bloom, have come in so now is the time for best selection of the winter/spring blooming types. If you'd like to browse our selection, check out our Camellias for Spring 2014 page.
NEW 'Jellybean' dwarf blueberry - it's TINY! Picture a sweep of them along a tree line or driveway, or several grown in containers. 1-2' tall and wide, it produces a heavy crop of extra-sweet blueberries.  We have several varieties of rabbiteye blueberries bred for our climate in stock and some self-fertile varieties such as 'Sunshine Blue' and 'Pink Lemonade'. 'Raspberry Shortcake' dwarf, thornless raspberry is back in stock, and strawberry flats are in stock, too! 
mole and vole repellent
Populations of moles and/or voles seem to have peaked this year. With SuperStrong 20% Castor Oil plus botanical oils IMustGarden's Mole & Vole Repellent provides nice repellency against mole, voles, squirrels, and more in the garden. Loaded with peppermint, it smells wonderful, too!
       Dr. Allan Armitage's new app, Armitage's Greatest Perennials 
 & Annuals
 is a tool we at Homewood Nursery have wanted to provide for a long time. 
 Just released for iPhone and coming soon on Android, the app covers hundreds of plants, has over 400 pictures, and over 50 videos. We strongly recommend it for all of our customers because it provides easy-to-read information on many of the plants available in our store and suggests the best variety for hundreds of plants backed up by years of personal and professional experience. A "deer browsing" rating is provided for almost every species, as well, something most gardeners around here really need!  Pretty awesome deal for $4.99!
     Just search "Armitage" in the App Store!
No one grows big, fat, AWESOME Boston Ferns like Homewood does, and now you can rent them for events! Boston Ferns add that serene green energy to parties, weddings, home showings, and more. Delivery and pick up available. Call us at (919) 847-0117 for more details!
Stop by our NEW Terrarium bar and get the plants and supplies you need to build your own terrarium! Just see if you can resist all those adorable little plants! Our selection includes tropicals, succulents and more plus terrarium kits and containers as well as pre-made terrariums. You'll find some of our containers and terrarium cases in the Gift & Home Department, too.
NEW Liquid Fence Granular Deer and Rabbit Repellent! Now, the great repellency Liquid Fence is known for comes in a granular form for low-growing ornamental plants. This unique, biodegradable repellent comes in an easy-to-apply shaker canister for use on and around flower beds, ornamental gardens, & groundcovers. Member tested and recommended by the Natl. Home Gardening Club and the American Rose Society.