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Locally-grown Japanese Maples
The pictures shown below are samples of the mature specimen trees that are available to us from a wonderful grower in Wilson, NC. Hold your cursor over a picture to view its name or click on the image to view a larger version. Most of these trees are available in 15 gallon to 25 gallon sizes. For a full list of varieties, see below, then call us for specifics on sizes and prices.

Specimen-sized trees

Upright types: Beni otake, Bloodgood, Emperor I, Moonfire, Sango kaku (aka Coral-bark), Skeeter's Broom

Weeping/Lace-leaf types: Crimson Queen, Garnet, Inaba shidare (aka Red Select), Seiryu, Tamukeyama, Viridis

Smaller sizes

There are also quite a few varieties available for order in smaller sizes. Most of these plants are in 7 gallon pots, which equals a not-too-small yet, not-too-pricey tree. As usual, call for specifics on availability, sizes and pricing.

Upright types: Aratama, Beni kawa, Beni komachi, Beni kosode, Beni otake, Beni schichenge, Beni ubi gohon, Bloodgood, Burgundy Lace, Emperor I, Fireglow, Higasayama, Hupp's Red Willow, Katsura, Mikatsuki, Mikawa yatsubusa, Moonfire, Murasaki kiyohime, Okagami, Omurayama, Pixie, Red Pygmy, Roseo Marginatum, Sango kaku (aka Coral-bark), Scolopendrifolium, Shaina, Shirazz, Sister Ghost, Skeeter's Broom, Winter Flame and Acer japonicum 'Meigetsu'

Weeping/Lace-leaf types: Baldsmith, Crimson Princess, Crimson Queen, Emerald Lace, Garnet, Inaba Shidare (aka Red Select), Orangeola, Red Dragon, Seiryu, Tamukeyama, Viridis and Waterfall.