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Homewood-Grown Roses

Get the best roses at Homewood!

We grow many of our own roses and take pride in producing the biggest, healthiest, most robust roses in the area. We carry hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, climbing and groundcover roses, as well as modern shrub roses like 'Knock Out'.
The roses we grow begin as bareroot plants that we pot up into three gallon containers in February. These are available for purchase beginning in April until we sell out. For best selection, visit us between late-March and mid-May.
(Or, if you want to reserve your roses ahead of time, be sure to call us and speak with Christina or someone in the nursery department).

We also carry a few select roses all season long, including the Knock Out series of roses like Pink Knock Out, Double Knock Out, Pink Double Knock Out and Sunny Knock Out. The Drift series of groundcover roses is also available from spring through fall in an array of colors.

Below are some of the roses that we have available for purchase in Spring 2016. All of the pictures shown here were taken here at Homewood or of Homewood-grown roses! Hover over an image for Christina's notes on each rose. Click an image to enlarge it. please call HOmewood for actual availability.

NEW for 2016!

Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora

​MIss congeniality

Pretty lady rose

Smokin' Hot


cutie pie

Shrub Roses



Rainbow Happy trails

sunshine happy trails